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04-Aug-2017 22:14

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As she did, our eyes met and i knew there and then, this is the girl i want, and she knew it...

So we leave Tesco, 1 CD and 0 Red Bull, and she's still clutching my arm tightly and we're talking on multiple subjects, and im making her laugh, and she seems very warmed to me.

So i decide to go in and give her a kiss on the lips, she accepted the kiss.

This kids chat room has a lot of cool features and flash games, profile avatars, music, and more. This kids chat supports text chat conversations only. We have removed the option to video chat and use the microphone to make it safer for our younger teens who enter the kids chat room.

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This chat is also moderated so please behave appropriately so that you don't end up getting banned or kicked out of the chat room.

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