Joomla content not updating dating men with baggage

03-Jan-2018 04:07

Hits are not counted in the background when the full page is cached.

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The first line shows that you have caching enabled for your Joomla, and the second line shows that the cache time is set to 15 minutes.

Often you can click on that icon and toggle it between “published” and “unpublished”.

Or you can explicitly set it by editing the article and set its “Published” status to “yes”…

Hi, I know this is not related to My Joomla, so I understand if you reply with a simple 'No I haven't seen this' answer as you have no obligstion to give me any time on this and I know you are really busy, but I rate your Joomla experience and I've used your service for years and it is ace.

I have upgraded a lot of my sites to 3.7.0 already but I have 3 or 4 where as soon as I have system cache set to On - conservative or On - progressive I seem to lose all 'Component' content on page refresh, i.e. Keep in mind too that when you install a template, it does not auto matically activate it.

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