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If Kim Kardashian made the Internet explode with her ass photo ... Chelsea posed sans oil, and as far as we can see it's not Photoshopped ... Handler is making her body parts a name for themselves ...she went to war with Instagram last month after they took down her topless photo mocking Vladimir Putin. Chelsea's going in on IG again -- she just REposted her topless Putin shot with a caption questioning why the app is cool with shots of Kim K's bare ass (and Chelsea's too) ... On Monday, June 19, Farrah announced the news on her Instagram saying, "So excited to join @mtvsingleaf where I’ll be traveling around the world going on dates that YOU can help me with.If you think that you have a friend who may be the one for me..them and comment your reason why on Instagram... " MORE: Chelsea Houska Seriously Shades Ex Adam Lind on Instagram — See the Photo!Soon the girls were appearing on tabloid magazine covers, discussing who they were dating or divorcing, and in the cases of Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans, their latest legal troubles.As the media’s obsession with the moms grew, so did the young women’s paychecks. We are exactly where we are today as a result of how we handled what bump we may have hit yesterday.... So who's to say that you aren't in for the most breathtaking, unbelievable ride of all.

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It soon became clear that this wasn't the usual pop star image overhaul but rather a massive cry for help.

Viewers watched as the “Teen Mom” stars struggled to do their homework with crying infants on their hips and tried to scrape together enough money to buy diapers for their children.

As the popularity of “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2” grew, so did the media’s interest in the stars.

That Friday night marked the beginning of a year where Britney not only lost touch with the people closest to her, but also came It seems incredible when you consider where Britney is today.

At 35, she's the star of her own sell-out Las Vegas show, has lucrative music deals and spends much of her time raising her two sons at her sprawling L. Her Instagram posts show a healthy and vibrant woman, someone who is fun-loving and confident and obviously smitten with her new fitness model boyfriend, Sam Asghari.And we talk to the man who coded Cleverbot, a software program that learns from every new line of conversation it receives..that's chatting with more than 3 million humans each month. It seems questionable that a machine could approach the potency of being human without at least two substitutions: 1. Wow, listening to this show I started wondering if one day soon a computer would be more human than a person with autism. Are telling me you've not even read a Ray Kurzweil book?? Lately the show has been on a downwards slide scientifically. I feel sorry for you, that you will never know what that tastes like.