Willamette week and portland and dating

20-Jul-2017 18:08

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As Donald Trump is elected with promises of retracting reproductive rights, Emily Witt has been charting the places sex has been heading in an age of relative freedom, collected in her new, oddly moving book (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 210 pages, ), which I now want to buy for everyone I know.

We can only hope the new frontier of free love Witt wryly explores through research and personal anecdotes—more open, honest, female-centric sex, assisted by New Age ideals and the tech industry—can continue to exist.

Like a single zombie bite that turns an entire city into the infected, gender-neutral clothing has become the “rotten flesh” of Portland.

Even our southern-state-transplant-posers feel the need to adopt the look and style of rain clouds.

Click here for tickets to the February 7th show, featuring: PRO-CHOICE COALITION OF OREGON PRESS RELEASE Governor Kate Brown today signed the nation's most progressive reproductive health policy into law.

Here are four of the most interesting moments and insights from . There is something called orgasmic meditation, propelled by San Francisco company One Taste, whose mission is to “bring female orgasm to the world.” The woman lies on a towel while the man puts on gloves with a dollop of lube and rubs her clitoris for 15 minutes.